Monday, August 2, 2010

80 - Vertigo

I'm feeling a little better, but I'm far from being up to snuff. A brief rundown:

My friend and I worked late into the night on Saturday, with much of it being done in the glow of a single lamp. Unfortunately, I didn't take into consideration all of the conditions that were in existence. It was hot and humid. I was inside a tent that had plastic walls, trying to arrange the kitchen items. I was having to move the single lamp around constantly. And I was working on a slope. Add all of those ingredients together, and voila! It triggered my vertigo.

A spent the entire day yesterday pretty much tossing up any contents in my stomach and trying to sleep on my cot. There was a brief moment where my friend and I were able to move my tent down to a flatter bit of land, and that was about the only functionality I was able to do whatsoever before returning to my prior state of dozing and throw-up. Well, that and ingesting lots of Gatorade. I needed to somehow replenish my supply of electrolytes that I was expelling as well as have something in my stomach to expel.

This is day one of my recovery, which means I'm pretty weak, tired, and can't move around too much without setting off my vertigo for another round. There will be no setting up camp today, nor will there be any KFB. This sucks.

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